Bridge Veterinary Services / PetHospice

1048 University Avenue,

Berkeley, CA 94710

Phone, Text and Fax: 510-788-5550

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100% of every contribution goes directly

to the care of pets and their people.


Our promise to you is to care for your pet in the way we would care for our own. 

We take every little detail into consideration, no matter how small it may seem. 

We make the end of life experience as meaningful as the life lived.

Here are some of the ways Bridge is redefining end of life care

  • We understand this is not a time that can be rushed or limited to one hour. Because of this, we dedicate 2-3 hours for our hospice, pain management, and euthanasia appointments. While not everyone needs this amount of time, we want to ensure you have every opportunity to fully discuss concerns, ask questions and get to know us in an unhurried and personal manner.


  • The members of our team are limited to 2 appointments per day. Every family deserves a provider who is fully focused on their pet and their pet alone; not rushed to get to another appointment.


  • If we ever sense that “more can be done,” we will share this with you. And we are able to change directions, transitioning from euthanasia to hospice care, providing comfort and quality for the time that remains.


  • Part of our team includes two caring and incredibly skilled hospice nurses who are available 7 days a week to speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have. Phone consultations are at no cost; we are here to help in any way we can.


  • We also understand that euthanasia is a difficult time to plan for. It is not always easy to know “when” and there can be a lot of pressure when trying to decide “the right day.” We understand, and we want to alleviate this. In such situations, where timing is not clear or when your pet is seeming to have good and bad days interspersed, we encourage you to call so we can help make multiple appointments in a row to "hold time." This ensures we are available for you when needed, and we then take it a day at a time together, knowing we have a plan in place if needed. We never mind cancellations and there is no fee.


  • For euthanasia appointments, we care for every possible need so that your only focus is being with your pet. We provide soft blankets, “potty pads,” and bring with us clay to make a paw print. We care for all of your pet’s cremation and transportation arrangements, and provide a stretcher that allows for the gentle movement of pets from their home to our vehicle. We care for notifying your veterinarian(s) so that you do not need to make that difficult call. We are dedicated to making these final moments feel as supported as possible.


  • We are the leaders in the field. We never stop thinking of ways we can make this journey just a little bit less painful and more deeply supported, working to meet every possible need that you may have. Trust your pet’s care to the practice that is defining the standards of hospice and end of life care for others in veterinary medicine.