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In-home Quality of Life consultations are performed in your home with our veterinarian or our veterinary nurse.  

Consultations are helpful when trying to determine when euthanasia should be considered or if other supportive options are available.

Our consultations are 90 minutes and provide the time needed to discuss your pet's quality of life in a non-hurried and supportive manner, taking into consideration your wishes and goals. 

Our Quality of Life consults include a written summary as well as communication with your veterinarian.

The goals of the consultation are to:

  • Help you to assess your pet's current level of pain, quality of life, and if more options are available 

  • Help you understand what is happening to your pet 

  • Help you to determine when to make the decision of euthanasia and share how to best plan for the timing of it

  • Help prepare you for letting go and guide you with what to expect during the euthanasia process

  • Share how to help other pets or children in the home prepare for loss

  • Offer additional guidance to help improve your pet's quality of life, such as tips for giving medications, how to encourage eating, and environmental changes to further support your pet

Should I schedule with a doctor or a nurse?

All of our doctors and nurses are highly skilled in discussing and assessing quality of life concerns. Our comprehensive consultations will address your pet's care and quality of life in a way that is holistic and complete, so you can make informed decisions. 


Our hospice nurse specialists will discuss with you all aspects of your pet's current quality of life. They can make recommendations for improved care and offer ideas for how you can adjust your pet's environment to enhance well-being and comfort. Our nurses can also discuss how to best plan for euthanasia when that time nears and prepare you for what to expect. 


Our hospice doctors offer additional support by providing you with in-depth education and understanding of your pet's medical concerns. Our doctors can also make recommendations about other palliative measures that can improve your pet's quality of life and dispense a Comfort Kit.

Please note that our quality of life assessments with our doctors do not include our month of ongoing medical management or 
the dispensing of medications. However, if you and our doctor feel a hospice relationship would be more appropriate, the Quality of Life Assessment can be changed to a Hospice Consultation instead during your appointment time.